Ulrich Bartholmoes, called “uba”, in his first life was an executive for digital projects a several IT enterprises in Germany. Now he runs his own business to provide companies all over europe with digital transformation services. From his ultracycling experiences he facilitates lectures and executive workshops about the impact of endurance on leadership.
Ulrich, 34 years old, lives in Munich. He started racing Grand-Fondo-like events in 2014 and discovered that the longer the races are, the more altitude they have and the harder they are, the more he liked them. In 2018 he came 4th on the Tour du Mont Blanc in France. Researching even longer races, he discovered bike packing and the world of unsupported ultra races.

He bought bikepacking equipment and in June 2019 he entered his first race, The Transpyrenees. Since he had some time in Spain left over, he decided to also ride the Transiberica. Ulrich thought after two back to back races he would be too tired to ride anything else in 2019, but then he heard about the Two Volcano Sprint and decided to join up. He has a burning passion for ultracycling – an athlete who loves extreme challenges. Ulrich is the overall winner of several ultracycling races e.g. the Transpyrenees, the Transiberica and the TwoVolcanoSprint in 2019 as well as the ThreePeaksBikeRace and the TwoVolcanoSprint in 2020. His adventures you can follow on Social Media channels:

Upcoming Events

Never stop exploring! Ulrich is continously looking for new destinations to ride, for new events, for new races, new challenges, new projects and ideas – simply for things he never did before. His passion is not only to discovery and cross bounderys of all kinds, but also to share his experience in form of videos and movies, workshops or lectures. So if you also have an idea to share – say hello and send us a message.

Transcontinental #TCRNo8

As a journey from west to east the race starts on 27.07.21 in Brest / France. TCRNo8 has been adapted to accommodate the uncertainties in those times. The route has been chosen to minimise the number of borders to cross while maintaining as much distance, adventure and exploration as possible.

More details: transcontinental.cc...


The Swiss Ultracycling CHallenge (SUCH) is an ultracycling event to take place in Switzerland in September 2021. Other than cheese and chocolate, Switzerland is known for its beautiful landscapes and its winding mountain roads, providing epic and challenging rides for everyone willing to venture out there.

More details: such.bike

Two Volcano Sprint

After the victories in 2019 and 2020 at the 2VS in Italy it will be fun to race the route this year in the opposite direction. Starting from Mt. Etna / Sicily and heading north to Mt. Vesivius / Neaples will be once again a perfect challenge and happening to end the 2021 season in October. Date is coming soon.

More details: twovolcanosprint.com

Movie: “Onboard TCR”

Antonin Michaud-Soret filmed during 3 races from 2016 to 2018 – “Onboard” will immerse you into this unique experience. We will organize a screening of the movie in the “City Kino – Sonnenstraße 12” cinema in Munich. A new date will be announced as soon as the COVID situations allows us to do so.

Your Ticket: transcontinental.cc...


Two Volcano Sprint

After a crazy and COVID shaked season in mid of October 2020 it was time to come back to the Two Volcano Sprint in south italy for a last serious race in this year. Saying “serious” this time would have a special meaning – cause the roster promised to bring the best of the best athlets of our sport to the starting line at the bottom of Mt. Vesuvius. With nearly 1.100km to ride and 24.000m of elevation to climb the track ensures to appear as a nice challenge.

Ulrich Bartholmoes (Cap #16) wins the Two Volcano Sprint 2020 with an incredible time of 52hrs 50min, shaving more than 7 hours off his winning time last year. With just a little sleep it was a demanding chase where Sofiane Sehili and Omar Di Felice round off the top three finishing second and third respectively. Sofiane finishes in 55hrs:14mins, Omar in 55hrs:45min.

See more details on twovolcanosprint.com and dotwatcher.com


Three Peaks Bike Race

End of July 2020, the Three Peaks Bike Race was kicked off in Vienna to cross the Alps from east to west heading to Nice – while crossing three iconic peaks on the way. Despite some parcours next to those peaks it was a free route unsupported race featuring the Großglockner (Austria), the Col du Sanetsch (Switzerland) and the mighty Mt. Ventoux (France). All in all the route was about 2.000 kilometers long and covered about 27.000 meters of elevation gain.

Riding this race across the Alps already looks like a challenge for itself – but riding it with some of the worlds best athletes in the ultracycling scene was an additional, extraordinary experience. Within 3 days, 23 hours and 23 minutes Ulrich finished the whole track as the first rider arriving in Nice. With only 2 hours and 45 minutes of sleep this race was pushing him far beyond the limits that he knew so far.

See more details on adventurebikeracing.com and dotwatcher.com


Two Volcano Sprint

In November 2019, the Two Volcano Sprint was organized by Juliana Buhring – well known as the fastest woman to circumnavigate the globe by bike. The 2VS is a single-stage, unsupported bicycle challenge starting and finishing at south Italy’s two iconic volcanoes, Mt. Vesuvio and Mt. Etna. The route crosses the panoramic Amalfi and Cilento coastline before heading into the Appenine mountains and descending finally into Sicily. With just over 1.100 kilometers and 24,000+ meters of elevation gain, the 2VS is an epic challenge for even the strongest of cyclists.

Ulrich Bartholmoes claimed victory despite being forced to climb Mt. Etna with only one functioning leg and Shermer’s neck. He rode 1100km and climbed 24,000 metres of ascent, arriving at the finish line in Nicolosi in a time of 59 hours and 58 minutes. Considering the time and energy-draining mechanical problems that Ulrich faced early on his race, this was a truly epic ride and an perfect closing of the racing season 2019.

See more details on twovolcanosprint.com and dotwatcher.com

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Transibérica Ultracycling Race

Transibérica is the unsupported and non-stop road cycling challenge across the Iberian Peninsula. The event is Free Route, what means the riders must design and follow their own plan to reach the mandatory Checkpoints where validate their Brevet Cards. The Checkpoints are designed to reach some of the most beautiful, diverse and challenging villages and mountain pass of the Iberian Peninsula, getting an route of over 3.500km in 2019.

Ulrich Bartholmoes managed to claim victory in 9d 20h 33min.

Transiberica –_Google_My_Maps
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Transpyrenees Ultracycling Race

Transpyrenees is the unsupported and single stage road cycling challenge across The Pyrenees. As a rider you must follow the official 1.000km route from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic coast climbing some of the most mythical and challenging Cols of The Pyrenees such as Pailhères, Peyresourde, Tourmalet, Luz-Ardiden, Aubisque or La Pierre Saint-Martin.

In 2019 the Transpyrenees Ultracycling Race was Ulrichs first long distance race from the village of Llançà (ES) with this finish at the city of San Sebastián (ES). He completed this epic challenge within 02 days, 02 hours, 46 minutes as the overall winner.





Rennrad Issue 11-2020

The german cycling magazine “Rennrad” is one of the most popular publications about roadcycling in germany – published in print and online. In its printed october / november issue the “Rennrad” created an large scale reportage about the adventure and victory of Ulrich Bartholmoes at the ThreePeaksBikeRace from Vienna to Nice in July 2020.

More details on radsport-rennrad.de …


Rennrad Issue 09-2019

The german cycling magazine “Rennrad” is one of the most popular publications about roadcycling in germany – published in print and online. In its printed september issue the “Rennrad” created an seven pages reportage about the adventure and victory of Ulrich Bartholmoes at his first ultracycling race – the Transpyrenees Ultracycling Race – in June 2019.

More details on radsport-rennrad.de


Rennrad Issue 01-2020

The editors of the german cycling magazine “Rennrad” are delighted to continue on the partnership with uba cycling. In the 01-2020 issue an large story with a lot of stunning photos was published about Ulrich Bartholmoes victory on the Transibérica Ultracycling Race in september 2019.

More details on radsport-rennrad.de